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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Sierra Charriba

Top marks to Explosive Media for their efforts on this latest Blu Ray edition of Major Dundee. Highly recommended.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Rostes Ranch

Scenes for the opening part of the movie later cut by the producer Jerry Bresler were filmed on April 28 and 29, 1964 at La Marquesa. An interview conducted by Darren Gross with Miss Helen Samuels finally settles the contentious dispute as to whether or not the massacre was actually filmed. Clearly it was. The full details can be found on
          Michael Anderson Jr as bugler Tim Ryan with Helen Samuels as Beth Rostes.

Captain Tyreen's recapture

This short scene was part of Sony Pictures' partial restoration of Major Dundee in 2005. Part of the poor costume continuity witnessed during the Rostes Ranch scene (Dundee first appears in a kind of tee shirt then on discovering Lt Brannin he has his full length cavalry jacket on) is repeated here, too. After trapping Tyreen Dundee is seen wearing the jacket yet on entering Fort Benlin he now appears in an army great coat.

The last shot of Dundee and Sgt Gomez did not make it into the movie. It established that Gomez had been captured by the Apache as a young boy and had ridden against his fellow Mexicans.

The Call for Volunteers

The Trial

This scene had several takes. Notice how Captain Waller appears first at the end of Dundee's table then at the other table as if transcribing the events.
The script has Dundee asking if any of the officers would recommend clemency for the Confederates.

"Benjamin Priam, Sir!"

Dub Taylor as the wily horse thief Benjamin Priam. His character disappeared before the final battle with the French without any cause or explanation. 

Lieutenant Graham, Artillery