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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Missing scenes

[] The massacre at the Rostes ranch WAS filmed. It was a long, bloody affair. The producer, Jerry Bresler was squeamish over the footage but cited that the introduction of the main characters would have been delayed too long.

[] Sgt Gomez declares that as a young boy he was kidnapped by the Apaches and had ridden  against his fellow Mexicans. Had the scene been included it would have provided a little extra intrigue as this may have caused him to have divided loyalties.

[] Lt. Graham makes a sortie on the 2nd California Column and demonstrates his authority by commandeering the weapons Dundee had requested.

[] Captain Waller is in pursuit of Dundee's force and hopes to get to them before they cross into Mexico and risk creating an International incident. As his force bears down on Dundee's a troop of Confederate cavalry intercepts him. He is forced to withdraw leaving the way clear for Dundee to enter Mexico.

[] Tyreen shoots a bird and use its tail feathers as a decoration for his hat. He regards it moodily, a la Brando. The scene was changed in favor of him plucking the feathers he finds on a tree branch.

[] Following the river crossing Dundee breaks out the whiskey for the command. 3 toasts are proposed, the first by Reverend Dahlstrom is to the Union, the second by Sgt Chillum to the Confederacy and the 3rd by Dundee to the success of the mission. Everyone spills their whiskey except Wiley, who declares.."Hell, I'll drink to whiskey"

[] The old Apache is at Mr Potts side as he leads them to the river. After the first shot is fired he vanishes.

[] Following Charriba's ambush the command is recovering on the banks of the river. Bugler Tim Ryan takes a drink from the dipper only to find that it contains blood.

[] When Dundee loses his mount in the river ambush he is keen to demonstrate the superiority of army mules to regular horses. However, once Dundee is aboard the mule it simply refuses to budge. Ryan is pulling at the reins and Wiley is behind the animal with his shoulder pushing it. The rest of the command observe the spectacle with muted laughter.

[] During the fiesta scene Dundee and Tyreen recall their days together at West Point

[] During the night fiesta Samuel Potts is moody and looking for trouble. He has been rejected by one of the village women and wants to prove himself.  He then insults her. Her brother, Armando, rushes in to defend her but is no match for the squaw man. Sgt Gomez intercedes and a knife fight ensues. Dundee rescues Gomez by striking Potts' good arm with a pistol just as Potts gets the upper hand.

[] When Dundee is recuperating in Durango he dallies with a young Mexican beauty, Melinche. When the two are interrupted by the arrival of Teresa Dundee begins a drink sodden and guilt ridden journey through the streets of Durango. A montage of scenes reliving the Rostes massacre and the specter of Lt Brannin's twisting corpse unfold. He searches for Teresa, grasping for her it turns out to be Melinche instead.

[] Potts and Gomez are left stranded in Durango when Dundee and Tyreen take their mounts. Eventually they return to camp on a burro.

[] After the final battle with the French Dundee and the eleven survivors head home. Along the way Potts points to yet another Apache marker i.e the broken saber and Apache lance.

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