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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pre production

June 13 Heston screens Ride the High Country. Impressed he calls Sam Peckinpah and arranges to meet with him on the 17th.
June 26 Heston consults with Peckinpah and suggests Richard Harris for Tyreen. Harris worked with him on The Wreck Of The Mary Deare in 1959
Nov 4 Heston is given the first script.
Nov 13 Anthony Quinn is not available for Tyreen. Steve McQueen is submitted. Lee Marvin is put forward for Samuel Potts and Omar Sharif is to be Sgt Gomez.
Nov 14 Script creates doubts about the woman's role (Maria in the script, Teresa in the movie.)
Nov 22 Michael Anderson is to read for the part of Bugler Tim Ryan. It is called off when news of John F Kennedy's assassination breaks.
Nov 26 2nd re-write fails to resonate with Heston
Dec 3 Peckinpah green lights Richard Harris.
Dec 6 Peckinpah and Bresler return from Rome after meeting with Richard Harris.
Dec 12 Anthony Quinn again becomes available for Tyreen when Richard Harris bumps his asking price up to $300,000
Dec 18 Richard Harris is confirmed to play Tyreen
Dec 31 Peckinpah wants James Coburn for Potts
Jan 28 Horseback trials. Only James Coburn is considered to be 100%
Jan 29 Richard Harris is unable to master a believable Southern accent and plays Tyreen as "an honest Irishman"
Jan 30 Rehearsals with Jim Hutton go well
Feb 2 Heston expresses doubts over Peckinpah's re-write

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