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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shooting schedule and locations

Shooting schedule - Feb 5th - April 29th, 1964

Feb 5th Main cast arrives in Durango. They stay at the Posada Durant. The supporting cast stay at the Casablanca.
Feb 12th Senta Berger arrives in Durango and is met with hostility at the hotel. Although Miss Berger is from Austria she was castigated by a gaffer over her Germanic heritage. Apparently  the man had lost his wife in Auschwitz
Feb 22 The fiesta scene is shot in Tlayacapan, a 400 year old village that had seen the Conquistadors 3 centuries earlier. (Heston's book The Actors Life quotes this date. American Cinematographer Feb 1965 states that the scenes were shot in April.
Feb 23 Heston tries a stunt called a  Cossack fall and is thrown from his black stallion injuring his left elbow. He conceals the injury from Peckinpah under a poncho hoping not to cause the director to have to shoot 'around him'.
Feb 25 Peckinpah is made aware of the injury but remains unconcerned.
March 2 SALTILLO aka The Valley In The Name Of God. This was the location where the master shot for O.W. Hadley's desertion was filmed.
March 7 Heston leaves for Mexico City, presumably for interior shots. Heston persuades Peckinpah to shoot the taunting of Mr Aesop by Jimmy Lee Benteen on a sound stage at Estudios Churubusco. Try as they might the set looked and sounded artificial.
March 15 Heston attends a bullfight
March 16 VISTA HERMOSA The swimming scene between Heston and Miss Berger. Dundee turns over the command to Lt Graham. Here Peckinpah and Heston disagree again over the scene where Dundee leaves the command in Graham's charge. Peckinpah wanted to play the exchange with Tyreen. Heston convinced Peckinpah that it should be between Tyreen and Graham with only looks, no dialog. Peckinpah prevailed with the inclusion of dialog.
March 30 CUATLA Set up for the French cavalry
April 11 Bar fight (Tyreen and Gomez rescue Dundee) not completed due to Peckinpah waiting 1 hour for a real life 15 year old prostitute who appears only briefly in the scene.
April 14 MESCALA
April 15 - 21 RIO MESCALA Heston catches a summer cold and has to loop all his lines. The final battle with French lancers is filmed here.
April 17 RIO BALSAS Final battle with the French (source American Cinematographer Feb 1965)
April 22 ESTUDIO CHURUBUSCO MEXICO CITY Heston's scenes with Aurora Clavell
April 28-29 LA MARQUESA The Rostes ranch.
Other locations include - Chilpancingo, Guerrero Monterrey, Nuevo Leon,
Tehuixtla River, Morelos (exterior shots - Charriba's defeat, O W Hadley's desertion
Tequestquitengo, Morelos
Zacatapec (Dundee and Teresa's love scene)
Tiapas or Chiapas (Fort Benlin) (This locale was previously used in the 1960 movie  Geronimo with Chuck Connors)
Hacienda Pontitlan (2nd night camp - Potts vs Riago)
Jonacatapec French lancers are introduced
Rio Balsas

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