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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Time Magazine Review 4/16/1965

Major Dundee is Charlton Heston, and the writers of this long-winded, quasi-Biblical Western apparently had fun filling their script with reminders that the star has previously played such roles as Ben Hur, Moses and John The Baptist. With Old Testament wrath, he pursues Chief Sierra Charriba through the wilderness in A.D. 1865. But once Heston gets on Mexican soil, director Sam Peckinpah (Ride The High Country) lets Major Dundee ramble so freely that the Apaches are soon lost in subplots...Some two dozen agile stunt men  sustain the casualties for both sides, making death look like an Olympian test of skill. Their tardy efforts to save Major Dundee from mediocrity rival the gesture of Actor Heston who, with a perhaps excessive sense of responsibility, returned his $200,00  salary to Columbia Pictures to pay for last-minute improvements in the film. Alas, the bread thus cast upon the waters seems to have sank without a trace.

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